Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sage Grouse opening day

Saturday was opening day of the sage grouse season, so I traveled out in the Big Desert, north of St. Anthony, to get some material for some stories for my newspaper writing.  I found some unexpected material by some water holes in the desert.  Hundreds of song birds were around one water hole.  Included among the songbirds were Mountain Bluebirds feeding on insects.

White crowned sparrows.

Other sparrows and finches.


As I watched the songbirds, I noticed four chipmunks bouncing through the rocks and drinking out of the water hole.  I caught these two in an intimate kiss.

To write a story about the opening day of sage grouse season, I hiked across the desert to get some pictures of flushing sage grouse.  Here is one of eight I flushed and I caught it sneaking a peek back at me as it flew off.

It was time to leave the desert when this trucks occupants blocked the road and went gunning for birds, leaving their beer on the side of their truck.

Even Wild in Idaho did not have the guts to interview drunk hunters with a gun in their hands.


Janie said...

Yes, I would have stayed away from the intoxicated hunters. Geesh. Not only drunk with guns, but littering, too...
Beautiful birds. Love the loving chipmunks.

Sunny said...

These are wonderful bird pictures. The Mountain Bluebird is gorgeous and I love the chippies!
Sunny :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Bill, Smart of you to leave the area when you did; There's no reason to have to deal with a drunk with a gun... GADS!!!!!

Love your birds... That first one is the prettiest blue color... Love it!!!! AND --even your chipmunks look different from ours.

Have a great day tomorrow.

JDS said...

How awesome to get all those pictures in one day! The ones of the animals are excellent, especially considering how small most of those animals were...and even the picture of the beer on the truck is good for a chuckle.

Jann said...

Ahh, nice bird shots! Looks like a wonderful day excluding the party pooper hunters. Love the chipmunk smooching the other one on top of the head, too, so sweet!

mountain.mama said...

Sigh. Beer drinking hunters.

Grayquill said...

I know I am kinda new to your blog but what newspaper do you write for?
The blue bird is spectacular.

Bill S. said...

I am a feature writer for the Post Register out of Idaho Falls and for the Rexburg Standard Journal. I do features for them every two weeks on their Outdoor sections. I also write humor/serious essays for them. I have posted several on this blog and will do more.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Bill: Great bird shots, you were right about getting out of the way.