Sunday, September 6, 2009

Henrys Lake - Again

Yesterday way my fishing day of the week.  So off to Henrys Lake I went.  The moon was full and I was on the water, catching fish, before the sun came up.
Just before the sun peeked over the lake, thin clouds shrouded the full moon, making for an interesting Halloween picture.
Mid morning the geese returned to the lake after feeding in the grasslands on Henry Lake Flat south of the lake.  Flock after flock returned, singing their hearts out.  Most will migrate south before the hunting season opens for them.
Not long ago I was asked, "Why do you always fish Henrys?" 
"Why not!!!" was my reply
With cutthroats like this 22 incher and hybrids (cutthroat/rainbow cross) often pushing eight to ten pounds, it is a thrill for me.
Not long after I caught the cutt, this 19 inch female brook trout took my Light Olive Crystal fly.  What a battle.  Fishing was great as the weather was not too hot nor too cold, but the fishing was consistant all morning.
It was a holiday weekend, so many families were out just boating around.  At times they came close enough to spook the fish, but what the heck, the fish returned a short time later and readily took my fly.
Most serious fishermen on Henrys Lake fish alone or with only one other person in the boat.  Here Harry fights a cutthroat at Staley Springs just as I was leaving the Henrys.  He said it was a slow morning, but I saw him fighting a fish when I went out before dawn and saw him fighting this one - couldn't have been too bad for him!!!
As I was parking my boat, this young duck with four others came swimming by.  I watched as they would dive and come up with a mouth of veggies.  Mom kept quacking at them if they got too close to me.  I didn't mind.
It was just another enjoyable wild day in Idaho for me.


troutbirder said...

I've rarely fished trout on a lake, in my case rehabilitated iron mine pits on The Range, And then with spinning gear. The concept of catching giant brooks and cutbows flyfishing on a lake ( well maybe no high mountain ponds) is basically alien to me. I think I've missed something there. Will try it in my next life! Thanks for the revelation.

Grayquill said...

You making me so jealous! What great fish and pictures. And, what is this about your once a week fishing? You get to fish every week? That is great. And a flyfisherman to boot. Are you a true flyfisherman or do you cross over and bait fish now and then?
Your pictures are really nice - Thanks for sharing I could hear the geeses and feel the line stripping through my fingers when I saw the pic of that brooke. Beautiful fish.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how my Daddy would have loved to be there and fish on Henry's. He loved to fish and he and his buddies would head down to Cherokee Lake for a long weekend. Many times he would come home empty-handed. Now -my youngest son has my Dad's love for fishing. He'd enjoy Henry's Lake too I'm sure.

Glad you had a great day!!!! Love that moon picture.

Lynn Scott said...

Hey Bill

Love the top picture of your blog with the trees backlite. The Sunset one is awesome as well. Lynn

Janie said...

Looks like a spectacular day on the lake. I like your new header. That's a grouse, isn't it? Amazing with the sun lighting its tail feathers.

Lynn Scott said...

Now that picture Rocks!!That Sage Grouse is backlite perfect. Nice shot!

Leenie said...

Bill--good to find a Rexburger that writes a blog that is not about cute babies-not that there is anything wrong with that. You probably know DH. He fishes Hebgen almost exclusivly. Brings home rainbows and browns every month of the year. No fly fishing. Mostly bait.

Leenie said...

btw-great photos! Love the header and the geese. That cuthroat is a beauty!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Bill: Cool catch of the wild trout, all I catch here are stocked trout and they are so different. I fish for a time away from worries.

Jann said...

Awesome! I'm going to show your blog to my dad when I see him next week. He'll be 86 this month and loves flyfishing.

Leedra said...

Love that first fish photo.