Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harvest sunrise

Harvest dust creates great sunrises and sunsets. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A lot of bull

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go to Camas National Wildlife Refuge to try to locate some migrating avocets, but got side tracked by two bull moose.  I saw one about a quarter of a mile away and decided to stalk it and see if I could get some good pictures.  Before the day would be over there would be a lot of bull out there.

The one bull moose soon turned into two bulls and I watched them heading in a general southwest direction.  I located a small knoll with a few sage brush on it and made my way there.  At time the bullrush was so tall only their antlers would be showing.  When this happened I would work to another sagebrush to try to intercept them.

Their eyesight is not very good - probably a good thing when you realize how cute the females are - but their smelling and hearing are excellent.  I tried to move as silently as I could when I needed to move.  But here the two act like they smell something funny.

But they continuely move closer to me.  The larger one is suspious and moves away while the smaller one continues working his way toward me.

I start to get very nervous when he gets about 30 feet from me and I can hear the crunching of the veggies as he eats.  Finally he hears the camera and smells me; comes to attention and decides to leave.

He flashes me as he heads back to the other bull, who has decided to tak a nap.

When he gets to the larger bull he starts eating.  Then I realize there is a bull elk in the background watching this whole bachelor party, but not willing to join in.  You can see him if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

It was quite a bachelor party with a lot of bull there.  With two bull moose, a bull elk, a bull human and lots of bullrushes, I even saw a little bs come from the smaller bull moose as he got too close to me.  Just another wild day in Idaho.