Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Summer

Oh, what a busy summer.  Two weeks without a post, so I am sneeking one in.  Guiding fishermen, fishing with family, getting in wood, working on a grant, keeping the garden weedless (almost), attending grandkids activities, attending weddings and building a few things keeps be busy from before sunrise to after sunset.

Someone asked me what I do in my spare time; I replied "sleep, if I can find the time."  But I always manage to find a few things to photograph.

Coming back from guiding a fisherman, I discovered a family of Mountain Bluebirds and stopped for a half hour to work them.  Here the dad sits in all his royal colors, trying to stay between me, the intruder and his family.

Meanwhile, Mom is catching bugs, killing them by pounding them on a hard surface and then feeding one of the four babies begging for food.

Occasionally Dad leaves his command post, catches bugs and feeds the hungry bottomless pits.

All this work is so hard, he appears to take a nap - not really - he is actually scratching an itch. 

And as I go to leave, he gives me a wave good-bye.

What a great way to enjoy the Wilds of Idaho.