Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red-naped Sapsuckers

Too much death and busyness so far this summer - hopefully it is all over.

Had fun two days last week recording activities of Red-naped Sapsuckers.  This pairs home, feeding area and activites take place mostly in four aspen trees in the Moody Creek area.  There are two other pair less than two hundred yards from this one in the same grove of aspen.

Mom feeds one of the babies a mouth full of ants.  Probably the veggies of the sapsucker world.

Next she gathers aspen juice from a neighboring tree and then goes back and give the chicks a drink .

Daddy comes by with a mouth full of juicy bugs, mostly butterflies with the wings removed.  But probably more tasty than the ants that Mom brings.

A baby takes most of Dad offering, leaving only a couple of ants for the other.

The two parents made 23 visits to the home to feed the hungry in a two hour period.

Just another wild day in Idaho.