Monday, January 16, 2012

Trumpeter swans invade Rexburg area

In the snowless fields around Rexburg this year, there are hundreds if not close to a thousand Trumpeter swans feeding on rotten potatoes and wasted grain in the stubble fields.  In one field alone I counted 443 trumpeters and one Tundra swan last week.  On two sides of the field are power lines and at times these wonderful birds crash into them like the one below.  Each casualty has been reported to the authorities.

Last week we had a tagged trumpeter show up and am waiting for its life history from the feds.  We do know it was banded in Canada in 2003.

We really need some air flight controllers as I have seen several mid air collisions during the high winds.

There are also some interesting pictures as the swans come in to feed.  Here two geese flying together looks like a single with four wings.

Here two of four fly in unison and it appears as one swan has two heads.

I spend one or two evenings each week, counting, taking photos and enjoying these fantastic birds alone or with a friend or grandchild.  Just enjoying the wildness of Idaho.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ririe Reservor ice fishing

I am going to fish more this year!!!!!  So last evening after school, I headed for Ririe Reservoir to ice fish for kokanee salmon, trout and perch.  A friend of mine, Kirk, had been there most of the day and caught a perch as I walked by.

He had a pile of fish already on the ice, but the kokanee were coming through in small bunches and deep under the ice.

Even with the ice from four to seven inches deep, not many people are fishing the lake - that is fine with me and the few of us enjoying the outings.  But at 4:15, my fish finder indicated a large school of kokanee just under the ice.  Five minutes later I had all my kokanee.  I dropped down to the bottom at 77 feet down to fish for perch.  They were also feeding heavily.  I finally had to leave by my headlight.

What a great way to spend an evening in the Wilds of Idaho.