Thursday, January 27, 2011

SkyWatch Friday - Foggy Sunset

We have been having a lot of fog and freezing rain here in Rexburg.  This week the setting sun colored the foggy ground with a golden haze.

Just another ending to a wonderful wild day in Idaho.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back again.

Got a phone call today asking me if I had died.  No, I am still alive, but very busy.  Taking tickets at wrestling and basketball four or five nights a week, planning activities for the grant, teaching, filling an order for 14 rustic chairs and getting some fishing done, has taking its toll on my time.  I have been getting pictures of backyard birds, but have not been out searching for them. 

The Lesser Goldfinch in my backyard has been really interesting for me.  The male has not been very coopertive for me, but I did get a few acceptable pictures.

Mountain Chickadees have also been flocking to my feeders.  This is the first year I have had these show up.  The Black-capped still outnumber them, but their personalities are a little different from them.  They are sure fun to watch.

A few moments of wildness in Idaho.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Goldfinch

The temperature is below zero and everything is frozen except - Goldfinches fighting over my nyjer socks.  They need a traffic controller, but it is too cold.  Here they fight over position at the breakfast table.

Fighting over a tiny seed is common.

Others fly in to join the feeding frenzy.

Mid air battles resemble the dog-fights of World War II.

After most of the American Goldfinch leaves, a lone one is joined by a Lesser Goldfinch.  Lessers are very uncommon to Rexburg.  But I have had about six hanging around the last week.

Just another wild day in Idaho to celebrate.