Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Answers to Questions from Comments

As I looked back over comments on my posts, I felt I should clearify a few things and answer some questions.
Some of you noticed that I did have pictures of my cute grandkids on some of my posts.  As a family we decided I would not post pictures of them for safety reasons.  On my article, "Where have all the fathers gone," I realize how important fathers and mothers are to children, especially girls.  I have four of them and our one-on-one time with me has been some of the most memorable times we have spent.  I attended every activity they were involved in while growing up.  I have also been invited into the delivery room of some of them - I declined - that is their husband's job!!!

A question about fly fishing lakes was brought up.  I have guided fly fishermen on lakes for 36 years and have fly fished them for 56 years.  We use a sinking fly line and fish within a foot of the bottom.  This is usually done in water less than 20 feet deep.
On the question, "Do I ever fish with bait?"  Yes, only when forced to.  Grandchildren need to fish and cannot fly fish.  The other time is when I ice fish.  I love to ice fish and use bait all winter long. 
I fish an average of twice each week.  My wife makes me!!!!!  We love to eat fish, but our favorite are the small kokanee salmon that I catch in the winter.  My wife will suggest we need some fish to eat many times during the winter.  That is what I call a magical woman!!!  We are blessed to live in an area where I can be fishing within five minutes of home.  Our home is located next to the Teton River and between the Henrys Fork and the South Fork of the Snake River.  So going fishing for an hour or two is not a large undertaking.  I do fish for "stocked" trout from time to time but prefer the wild ones.
On the question, "Is my header picture a grouse?"  Yes, it is a sage grouse.  Each spring I visit the leks (breeding grounds) of both Sage and Sharp-tailed grouse.  They dance, fight and breed.  Each year I take thousands of pictures of them.  The above picture is a sage grouse displaying for a female.
The above picture is of a Sharp-tailed grouse displaying on a lek to attract females.  Their showing off, dancing and strutting reminds me of men doing the same thing.  As with their human counterparts, the females chose their partners - and sometimes it will be different partners each day.
Have a great day.


Jann said...

Wonderful grouse photos! I've only seen the sharp-tailed females/chicks recently but hope to see a male or two some day. You live in a fantastic area, Bill...as if you didn't know!

Leenie said...

I agree totally with your wife on the fish that are brought home from ice fishing! DH is a great provider of the big buttery trout with the red meat. Your photography of the area is outstanding, both on your blog and in the newspaper. DH took most of the grandkids fishing at Hebgen last Tnxgvg weekend. No ice, mild weather. Everyone brought home big fish.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

my husband would be so jealous of how easy it is for you to fish..
5 minutes..and dinner will be ready soon!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Bill for giving us more details. I certainly do enjoy your blog --and learn so much about your area of the country. You really are blessed to live where you do...

I don't put the names of my grandchildren --but will put their pictures. I guess that now, one cannot be too careful.


Janie said...

Thanks for all the info.
We've seen sage grouse displaying here in the spring. I've never seen a sharp-tailed grouse, though.

Grayquill said...

You do jave a magical wife, may her tribe increase. I get it children and bait. Besides every child should thread a worm onto hook at least once before adulthood don't you think?
Great picture of the grouse!

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