Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is here

With snow predicted by Wednesday, it is time for the leaves to change and to fall off.  I wish the fall would stay longer with the colorful leaves and the snow would allow the trees to shed their leaves.  I remember when heavy snows come with the leaves still on the aspens, many are broken off because of the heavy snow on the leaves.
Last week I took these pictures of aspens turning in Island Park.

On the desert, the chokecherries are changing with the berries still hanging on.  Does this mean a hard winter?  Does and hard winter mean a lot of snow or just very cold temps with a little snow?

Have a wonderful wild day where ever you are and spend some time outdoors.


Sunny said...

Hills of gold...beautiful!
I hope it isn't a hard winter.
Sunny :)

Veronica Wald said...
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Veronica Wald said...

Beautiful! I'm soooo ready for fall!

Jann said...

Sounds like your seasons are about like ours...we're wondering how harsh winter will be too, after two blizzards in May! Love the fall colors, am posting the same today. They don't last long here either.

Leenie said...

You're right the weather has been perfect for longer than we are accustomed. The trees and the berries are trying to tell us things are about to change. Love the chokecherry photo.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Bill. Your yellow Aspens are just gorgeous. The Chokecherries look a little like our dogwoods this time of year.

Snow already, huh???? You don't really get much Fall, do you??? Is this a 'typical' year?

After oodles of rain, we have a gorgeous and cooler day today.

Janie said...

We will get snow this week in the mountains, and the aspens won't have time to shed their leaves.
Beautiful aspen gold and chokecherries.