Sunday, July 5, 2009


Last Tuesday I had an hour between appointments so I decided to run up to Chester Wetlands to see if I could get an interview for an article. No one was in the office so I ran up along the Henrys Fork to check out the birds.

Eastern and Western Kingbirds were working a heavy caddis hatch along with the tree swallows and the Western Tanagers. Young meadowlarks were perched on the fense and I noticed a black and white bird, but with the white and black in the wrong places to be a magpie - A bobolink. It was a life-time first for me. I was able to get a few pictures before it flew off.

Later I heard the bird had been seen for the last three days.

Another exciting experience was watching Eastern Kingbirds chasing the Western Tanagers around when they got too close.

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