Friday, July 31, 2009

Huckleberrying again

Yesterday I went huckleberrying seriously. Oh, my aching back!!! I ended up with seven quarts - just short of two gallons of these beautiful berries.I was not alone even though no humans were close to me. Even though I did not see a bear, they had been to the berry patch within the last couple of days because they left "Rocky Mountain Granola Bars" everywhere. I think it was my occasional singing that kept them away - it usually keeps everybody away.
Early in the morning I was visited by this Pale Swallowtail also looking for sweet necter.
I also got chewed out by this fiesty chipmunk that kept bouncing around me and even tried to get into my lunch.

Mountain Chickadees, hummingbirds, juncos, Bullock orioles and Western Tanagers also visited me feeding on the ripe huckleberries.
On the hike out, my cell phone rang - it was the principal of the school I teach at. He wanted a fishing and huckleberry report. I told him where he could find a cup or two of huckleberries, but he kept pressing as to where I was. Keeping good huckleberry patches secret are more important than keeping good fishing holes secret. But as we were talking four cow elk with three calves walked across the trail in front of me and I was only able to get this picture after they stopped in the heavy timber.
The berries are now cleaned, bagged and in the freezer wait to be used for whatever my wife and daughters want them for. Raspberry/huckleberry jam is a favorite.


mountain.mama said...

I wish I could sneak into your freezer and steal those huckleberries! They are my favorite. I'm enjoying finding your blog, I used to live in Pocatello and it brings back memories of the area.

Bill S. said...

Thanks, mountain.mama. The huckleberrys are thick this year for the first time in four years, so out I go today. Hopefully the "Rocky Mountain Granola Bar" creators won't be around.

Sunny said...

I really enjoy your blog. I lived in Idaho for a short time and really loved it. Great pictures!
Sunny :)

Kate Larsen said...

Can't you give a little hint? We were out looking around heise today--would love some direction to a good patch. Thanks!

Bill S. said...

Cold Springs and Wolverine Canyon as of last Friday. Walk a little - away from where people have picked and hit the bottom of the draws where people never look. Hope this helps.

Bill S. said...

The berries are still green and blooming in the Moody area - so there are a lot of berries to come.

Jann E. said...

Bill, thanks for visiting my blog! I about fainted when I saw the huckleberries! Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is better than huckleberry pie! (Don't tell my dad, I was raised on wild blackberry pies, berries he picked)...I once bought a couple slices of H. pie at a favorite rest. in No. Calif. on the coast, near my hometown, and brought it home to SD 1,500 miles so my husband and I could enjoy a slice together! Oh I am envious, enjoy!! Love the other pics too, esp. the swallowtail and 'munk!