Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tree swallows and woman's work

After fishing on Tuesday, July 21, I stopped to watch some Tree swallows as they worked their family responsibilities. Two hungry mouths kept polking out of the opening in the nest box as the young swallows wanted food and quickly.
Both parents were very busy bringing food for the hungry youngsters. Here one parent brings in two damsel flies for the young. Then that parent goes inside and stays there for some time while the other parent makes two trip to capture food and bring it back to the young demanding twerps.
Finally the parent emerges from the nest box with a mouth full of poop from the babies. I always wondered what happened to all the crap those babies manufacture from all the food they consume!!!!!! The answer is that they also have to have their disposals changed from time to time. What a nasty job!
After I get my wood loaded, I usually stop by the Henrys Fork at Macks Inn to eat, drink, relax and observe the families floating down the shallow water from Big Springs to Macks Inn.
This was a funny one to me - a woman's work is never done even on vacation. Here two women tow their partners down the river while the men lay back and relax. I hope they didn't have to do it all the way and there was a change of horses in mid stream.
Here two families float side by side down the river. They were having a great time splashing each other as the float neared the concusion.


Janie said...

Great swallow photos! I never knew they carried out the poop. Interesting catch on camera.
The river floaters look like they're having fun. I hope the men took their turn towing the women!

troutbirder said...

Now that's a neat sequence on the tree sparrows.
Floating the river looked fun too.