Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yellowstone flowers

Here a few of the beautiful flowers of the Yellowstone trip. I think these are their names. I am very weak on flora names even though I am attracted to beautiful flowers.

Buttercup ??

Bracted Lousewort ??

Richardson's Geranium



Rosy Pussytoes

Shining Penstemon

Prairie Smoke

Lewis' Monkey-flower

Indian Paintbrush

A Thimble berry blossom with a beetle enjoying it.


Janie said...

Great photos. I think you did fine on the names.

Jann E. said...

Wow, looks a lot like my Yellowstone flower photos! :o) That first flower, the yellow one, is one of the cinquefoils I believe, from the rose family. The lousewort ID is correct, and the buckwheat too. I could spent a lifetime exploring Yellowstone's wildflowers, let alone the wildlife.