Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fishing Henrys Lake, again

Last Wednesday I ran up to Henrys Lake to try to see if the fishing had picked up. I started fishing at 5:30 and caught seven by 7. Then I spent the next four hours catching only two. This is typical after the weather warms up and we have afternoon thunderstorms roll through mixing things up.

Seven of the nine fish were brook trout with several in the 18 inch range.

I watched the guru of the lake, Harry Tupper, catch three fish while I did not catch any. He is a master of small flies and light tippets.

I spent some time taking pictures of birds on the way home. The experience of the day was watching a male osprey feeding the female while she sat on the nest. The young should soon hatch and then both parent will be very busy feeding the hungry, growing young birds. I will be exciting to watch that action.
Bringing in the food and then feeding the nest-sitter.


Janie said...

Great photos of the osprey. I'm going to show your blog to my husband so he can check out the fishing info.

Elizabeth Laden said...

Love the Harry Tupper photo!