Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fishing Horseshoe Lake near Yellowstone Park

We have had a very busy week as all my children and grandchilden were here in Rexburg with us. We fished for a couple of days, went through Yellowstone Park and celebrated a birthday and Father's Day. I will only discuss one fishing trip to Horseshoe Lake on this blog - others will follow.

My son-in-law and I decided to battle the rainstorms for a day of float tubing Horseshoe Lake just a few miles from the border of Yellowstone Park.

It rained most of the way to the lake and my son-in-law with youth on his side, hurried to get ready and get into the water. I took my time and decided to hurry when Steve landed four rainbows and one grayling. The grayling was his first one ever.

The rain stopped and I got into the water and my second fish was a 14 inch grayling. But it would be the last one of the day for us. Our fly that we were using was a Beadhead Mity Mouse, also one of the hot flies on Henrys Lake.

Most of the rainbows were recent stockers, but near some lily pads I found a pocket of fish between 12 to 15 inches near another group of lily pads. It didn't last long as thunder, lightning and heavy rain finally chased us off the lake. Final count, my son-in-law with 40 and me with 36. The student defeated the teacher - the best way to lose.

An outstanding outing with my son-in-law taking all of his fish on one fly while I lost one and had to break out another one.

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