Sunday, June 7, 2009

Immature Bald Eagle

After a week in Boston and Washington DC, it was time to go chasing some birds with my camera. I went to Henrys Lake to deliver flies for fishing that lake and had a great time looking at the birds in the wind and rain.

I stopped by the Henrys Fork of the Snake River to get some pictures of nesting osprey and they were difficult because of the rain and cloudy sky. So I headed for Henrys Lake and the birds there were very coopertive with the rain and wind. The first I encountered were the pelicans chasing fish in Staley Springs. Just past Staley Springs I saw an immature Bald Eagle on the fence post eating a rock chuck.

It would tear a piece of meat off, along with the bone and then swallow the whole piece. Several times the food with the bones in would get caught in the beak and would be coughed back up and re-eaten. It was fun to watch.

Finally it was done with the meal and flew off. I continued along the road around the lake getting pictures of bluebirds, and three species of swallows. More about those later.

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Lynn Scott said...

Love the eagle pic. Love the shot of the wings up right. Great capture.