Monday, June 8, 2009

A couple in love

Humans are not the only things to fall in love and spring brings out the best of falling in love. Animals and birds pair up - some for life - longer than 60% of their human counter parts.
Last Saturday I observe a pair of Tree Swallows acting much like humans with the female doing all the work while the male just watched. It was quite humorous but not that funny.
The female brought in a ton of nesting material.

Meanwhile the male sat on a fence post, watching and looking very pretty.

The female soon leaves the nest box after working the material within the nest, making the nest comfortable for the eggs to be laid. Notice the feather sneaking out of the crack in the nest box.

The male watches the female as she flies off for more material.

The female brings in more material, deposits it in the nest and then flies off searching for more.

The male decides to get closer to the action so he at least comes home to see if his services are needed

The female peeks out of the nest box after returning with more nest material as the male protects? or is just looking pretty for the little Mrs.

Sorry, I did not get this rotated before I added it to the list.
Hopefully the fathers will do their duty on Father's Day. Remember the quote from President Obama after the election. "Fatherhood does not end at conception."

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