Sunday, March 23, 2014

Elk and Steller's Jay

Back teaching has cut into my outdoor time and blogging, but I am having some evenings and Saturdays to get out.  Yesterday was one of those unforgettable days.  I started out by looking for snow geese and found about 1000 of them but these two antelope were feeding near the field the geese were in.

Next I headed for Camas National Wildlife Refuge to see what I could find.  On the way there I found a pair of Burrowing owls.  They might be the same couple I saw last year as they are just 100 yards from where a pair nested last year.

At Camas there were not a lot of waterfowl and I did not find the Great-horned owls, but I saw my first Steller's jay that kept me entertained for an hour.  They are very pretty and very noisy. 

On the way to Market Lake I hiked some back roads and found 19 head of bull elk; all still wearing their armor.

At Market Lake I searched for a Long-eared owl but did not find it.  The Russian Olive trees were filled with Cedar and Bohemian waxwings eating the berries.  It was a lot of fun.

Just another unforgettable day in the wilds of Idaho.


Monts said...

Great set of images Bill,The Owl and the Steller's Jay are superb.

Mary Cromer said...

Nice to hear from you again Bill and a very nice selection of images to share. Those Stellar Jay are such cool birds. Happy week~

Grayquill said...

Y0u always take us to places we only dream we could go - Thanks for the rare treat!

Bekkieann said...

A great outing with some wonderful photos!

Janie said...

You're a great observer, and I'm always delighted when you share photos of your discoveries.