Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring snow storm

Sunday morning it started snowing and snowing hard.  The flakes were so big our cat, Flurry, was chasing them, but there were so many he finally just watched them fall.  So before church, I decided to see how the birds were reacting to the heavy snow.

The bald eagles were still courting - the wet snow could not dampen their desire to pro-create.

The newly arrived female Burrowing owl looked mad about being caught in the snow while Mr. continued to clean out their chosen burrow.

A pheasant cock with his tail covered with wet snow runs from me to some cover - or maybe to visit a setting hen.

This robin in my backyard is fluffing up trying to stay warm by shaking the snow off its back while the trees are covered.

Sandhill cranes continued to look for food in the marshes - who knows some dumb rodent may scurry past and become lunch for today.

Not only a wild day in Idaho, but an answer to prayers for more moisture.  Shake off the crap of life and have a bless'ed day.


troutbirder said...

No shortage of moisture here at all. Still snowdrifts in the backyard. And now this another storm coming from Idaho. Should be here tomorrow (Friday). Looks like you birds are coping well though....:)

Mary Cromer said...

Snow be gone ;) I feel for Robins in snow. Beautiful shots Bill. Maybe Spring will come soon...chilly mornings here, too much rain. Take care~