Monday, March 3, 2014

Canadas at it again

The Canada geese are setting up their nesting territories once again and it is fun to watch.  They fight with any other geese that comes near their intended sites.  With all the slipping, sliding and falling down it reminds me of the recent Olympics.  I watched these battles for two hours one day last week.   Here an aggressive male attacks the male of another pair.

On the slick ice the feet and tail fail to stop the sliding.

Now the backward beating of the wings are not much help.

So the one being attacked decides to jump over the sliding one.

Then it settles down on the other side of the slider.

One of the most interesting aspects of the relationships of these beautiful birds is the submission of one to another.  The female will often get between the two fighters and it ends when her mate submits to her demands.  When two females are fighting, the male will stop it by getting his mate to submit to him.

Just another wonderful day in the wilds of Idaho.

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Monts said...

Great set of images Bill, brought a smile to my face.