Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow geese show up

The snow geese showed up about two weeks early, but we only have about 5000 that I have seen and last year we had about 70,000 come in.  But we have plenty of time.  The first flock I saw was only 33 birds.

Three days later a large flock came in but some Golden eagles flushed them six time in a morning,  Here a Golden eagle harasses the flock.

Sometimes you could not see the eagle as the sky was covered by the geese.

There were also a small flock of 6 Greater White-fronted geese that joined a large flock of Canada geese near the snows.

Just a few days enjoying the wildness of Idaho.  Happy beginning of the bird migration through Idaho.


Monts said...

Hi Bill
Great shots esp the third one that's really impressive.
No signs of migration here yet although the ducks seem to have moved back North, but the weather is to wet and stormy for stuff to move up from the South.
Anyway hope your fully recovered and keep the posts coming.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

WOW cannot imagine the beauty, the sound, just amazing Bill!!!