Friday, August 21, 2009

Beula Lake in Yellowstone

I spent most of the week working on the "Teaching American History" grant and getting ready for school. My meetings start next Monday and school starts on Wednesday. The Student Body Officers' assembly will be on Wednesday so we will spend part of Monday and Tuesday finalizing it.

With summer coming to an end a fellow teacher, Lucas, and his son, Pax, decided to join me for a hike and a fishing trip. We hiked into Beula Lake in Yellowstone Park for some native cutthroat fishing. Here Pax and Lucas carry their float tubes for two and a half miles in to the lake. I did not take a float tube, but my heavy camera was enough weight.
Here Pax, a ten-year old, catches a nice cutthroat. All fish were released.

He a cutthroat, named after the bright red stripes on the bottom jaw, comes in after being hooked by a Black Rug Yarn fly. They were willing fish as we caught between 80 and 100 in about three hours of fishing.
We weren't the only fishermen on the lake. A pair of Common Loons, a Blue heron and an osprey all tried harvesting fish.

Yours-truely releasing a nice cutthroat. I waded out on a sand bar to where it drops off in deep water. I caught six fish in my first six casts and it did not slow down much.
It was a great way to finish the summer even though I will have a lot more fishing days before winter sets in.


Jann said...

Bill, what a fabulous fishing trip! My dad would have loved that, esp having the lake to yourselves. Nice pics! Love that osprey shot.

mountain.mama said...


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Bill, Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime!!! I am enjoying reading yours. You live in a gorgeous area of the country. I can only imagine hiking and enjoying nature out there!!! WOW!!!

My hubby and I do alot of hiking (we're both 67)--and we collect waterfalls. We've seen over 350 different waterfalls since 2001. Amazing, huh??? ha

I'm not sure you can keep birds away from your fruits even if you didn't have feeders. They LOVE fruits. Good Luck!!!!!


Janie said...

Nothing like hiking a few miles to find wonderful solitude in Yellowstone.
What a great fishing day! Nice photos of the cutthroat trout and a lovely shot of the osprey.

troutbirder said...

Great outing and well earned at 2 1/2 miles hike. I dont remember this lake but I do know little of the beaten path always worked best in Yellowstone.