Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wildlife in the snow

Yesterday we got from 8 to 10 inches of fluffy snow on the desert, so I just had to spend the morning out looking for animals.  I was not disappointed except I wanted to see the elk migrating down from the mountains, but did not see them.  I was able to photograph a while Long-tailed weasel - only the second one I have been able to in my life.

The first animal I saw was a cow moose.  Later I would see four more, but no bulls.

The Tetons were beautiful in the morning haze cause by the zero temperatures.

Sharp-tailed grouse were roosting and feeding in the chokecherry bushes.

I saw about 30 mule deer and probably another 50 saw me as I was busting through snow drifts up past my headlights.

On a pile of rocks, I saw two black eyes looking at me.  It was a Long-tailed weasel.

I watched and photographed it for about an hour as it hunted through the rocks.

I did not see it harvest any rodent, but enjoyed it just the same.

It finally had enough of me and off it went in a hurry.

Just another great morning in the wildness of Idaho.

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