Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Baby - it cold out there

With the temperature a minus 18 degrees, the trees were covered with frost but the birds and animals still had to eat and stay warm, so out in the wilds of Idaho I ventured.

The Red-tailed hawks were trying to keep warm but still had to go out and hunt for food.

This Black-capped chickadee was picking of frozen sap from the spruce trees.

The Cotton-tailed rabbits fluffed out their fur but stayed close to cover to escape the hawks and owls.

White-tailed deer ventured out looking for some grass poking out of the deep snow.

This porcupine uses its front paw to pull in a branch to strip it of nutrient-rich bark.

And then this Black-capped chickadee next to the Henrys Fork of the Snake River was picking buds of willows to survive.

Venturing out in the cold wilds of Idaho can be a very interesting activity.


Michelle said...

You captured nature at its finest.

Cloudia said...

Your knowledgeable narrative is a true gem that you very good photos support. This is illuminating and could be a great article!

Barb said...

I hope you had something good to eat, too, Bill! Great photography. Happy 2016.

Mary Cromer said...

Happy New Year Bill to you and yours! Beautiful critter in the snow images and I tend to forget about Porcupines being in your area. Beautiful images, See you on the other side. If you get a chance I posted my favorites for 2015 the other day~