Sunday, March 29, 2015

Trip to Arizona

Last week my wife and I flew to Arizona to visit friends, do some warm weather hiking and look for some new birds.  All were a very good success.  The first new bird I saw was a Greater Roadrunner in the cool morning (for Southern Arizona) just as the sun was coming up.
I did not realize that the Cactus wrens were so large, but they drill a lot of holes in the cactus plants that are used by many birds as nests.

When I first saw this bird at a distance, I thought I was getting pictures of a Mountain Chickadee, only to find out is was a Bridled titmouse.

Each morning I watched the Gambel's quail as they were everywhere we went. 

One of the most exciting bird I wanted to seen was everywhere we went.  The Vermillion flycatcher was one of my most favorite sightings as I saw them every day we were there.

The Phainopepla was a noisy bird but new to me.  When they fly the have beautiful white patches on their wings.

On the second day we were there we hiked to the ruins of the Salado Indians that inhabited these caves.  They built individual houses inside these caves. 

It was fun exploring the wilds of Arizona through hiking, hunting rocks, looking for birds and enjoying friends.  Rocks are easy to find except for the special ones we were looking for.


Michelle said...

Warm weather hiking sounds wonderful. I admit that the quail is my favorite bird, out of these shots.

TexWisGirl said...

we have the roadrunners here, but all the others would be new to me - and would love to see them some day. :)

Monts said...

Great images Bill,glad you had a good break in AZ.

Charlie Allen said...

Hi Bill, Great pictures, I also love the vermillion flycatcher. Now if you can only get a Scarlet Tanager, another of my favorites. Not missing much here as it has been windy.
How rare are ring-necked ducks around here? I saw a pair Saturday evening.

Charlie Allen said...

Keep those pictures coming.

Mary Cromer said...

Very nice share and I know you enjoyed your Arizona adventure too~

Janie said...

Looks like a fun trip. The vermillion flycatcher is a beauty.