Sunday, March 22, 2015

Raptors, migrating big game and Burrowing owls

This week was very warm with no moisture and all the migrations continue with birds and big game.
It looks like an odd pairing up with a "Harlin's" Red-tailed hawk matching up with a regular colored Red-tailed.  A Harlin's is almost black on top with light coloring showing when flying above you.
Its mate is a light colored, near a light-morph.  They are in the Burton area near Rexburg.

Here are two more Red-tails that show the different coloration of the Red-tails the migrate through the area.

On Tuesday last week this Bald eagle was being harassed by a pair of Kestrels near Sand Creek Ponds north of St. Anthony.

Also on Tuesday from St. Anthony to Sand Creek area there were 17 moose working their way across the desert.

Right with the moose, there were over 100 deer also migrating to the high country.  With two light winters in a row, the mule deer population is growing.  Here is one of the few bucks still wearing their head-gear.

A large flock of sandhill cranes joined 108 Trumpeter swans on the grain field planted and left standing for migrating birds at Sand Creek.

Then on Saturday I found my first Burrowing owls of the year.  There were three pair from Roberts to Hamer that had moved in since last Monday.

It is the wildness of Southeastern Idaho that inspires me.


Betsy Adams said...

I've been anxious to hear from you after reading about all of the Snow Geese deaths in Idaho.... They said it could have been Avian cholera. Are you anywhere near to where that happened? I think they mentioned Salmon, Idaho... SO SAD.

Sounds like you are still seeing many beautful critters... The moose are so gorgeous... Bet you were happy to see theBurrowing Owls.... Wow!!!! Neat.


Bekkieann said...

Those are some impressive photos and impressive numbers of migrators. I'd love to see 17 moose!

Mary Cromer said...

The Hawks are outstanding Bill. I went a few places looking for Burrowing Owls while in Florida and never saw any.

Charlie Allen said...

Keep those pictures coming.