Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring has Sprung

With the warm February that we have had here in Idaho, the animals and birds are starting the migration and dating early.  Yesterday was very overcast, but I still went looking for action.  Too early for a good picture, I caught these two Golden eagles dating.

Then in mixed flocks of waterfowl, I found these two Canada's playing "wings" as they kept flirting with each other.

The flocks of waterfowl were joined by the first flight of Snow and Ross's geese that are about two weeks early from their normal migration here.

About 130 snows joined other waterfowl to eat the leftovers from the digestive process of a herd of bison west of Market Lake.

There were seven pair of Northern Harriers doing their mating flights over the still frozen ponds of Market Lake.  Here I caught a female harassing seven Long-eared owls in a windrow of thick brush.

It appears that six of the seven owls have chosen their partners for the nesting season while one needs a dating service to find someone before Valentine's Day.

Its beginning to look like a love fest has started in the wilds of Idaho.  May Cupid smile down on you during this time of new beginnings.


TexWisGirl said...

our bluebirds are going crazy this week for nesting spots. spring is definitely in the air. love your last shot.

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---nesting already???? Here, our Backyard Birds don't nest/mate until about March/April...

We have had a milder winter so far ---so I'm not sure that that means an early spring for us or not.... The birds are probably confused when it's 50 one day and 20 the next... ha

Great group of pictures. Love that owls.