Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Saw Whet owls

In early May, I got a call about a nest of young Saw Whet owls at Market Lake and so we went and found them.  Only this little guy would poke its head out and then it would go back in.  Several days later the top of the nest box had been broken and the owlets were gone.
A week later while looking for warblers in a willow thicket about a quarter of a mile away, I flushed this male.

As I looked in the thicket, I found six owlets.

Later I found more along the Henrys Fork of Snake River.

Just more wild days in Idaho.


Wilma said...

Seems they had a successful breeding season. Lovely shots.

Jo said...

We love owls and it seems like they're precious all over the world. Thanks for sharing. Greetings, Jo

Janie said...

Great find and wonderful photos. Looks like they've done well this year.

Mary Cromer said...

WOW, just a marvelous find and great season for these beauties Bill. I am trying to get a 5 year blog presentation ready for Sunday...hope I can swing it,,,been feeling not quite myself lately. Have a great weekend~

Monts said...

Hi Bill
Must have missed this one,what a superb find and brilliant images to boot.
Looking forward to many more wild days in Idaho.