Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall at Camas

Many times when it is raining in Rexburg, the weather at Camas is great for observing wildlife.  Last Thursday that was the case.  Fall waterfowl migration is an exciting time to visit the national wildlife refuge.  Local birds and animals are getting ready for the winter that is just around the corner.

Both the Tundra and Trumpeter swans are migrating south and resting at Camas.
"Love thy neighbor" came to mind as I watched two pair of Tundra swans in a argument on Big Pond.

Canadas, sandhill cranes and thousands of ducks join the swans in the migration.

Sandhill cranes are flying out to the area stubble fields.

The surprise of the day was a three foot Gopher snake I ran into on a road closed to motor vehicles.

In the evening five whitetails came out of the bulrushes to get a drink.

A great way to spend an afternoon in the wilds of Idaho.


Barb said...

Bill, those photos of the migrating birds in flight are wonderful! That's quite the pattern and texture you managed to snap on the snake!

Mary Cromer said...

Beautiful post of great creatures Bill. Hope you are doing well~