Monday, September 21, 2015

Bugling elk

Last week I decided to work on an article about bugling elk for a couple of mornings.  I did not foresee what I was about to experience.  I knew there were about 150 head of elk on Camas NWR and they should be starting their rut.  Here are a few pictures from the experience.  The full story will be in the East Idaho News website on Saturday.

Early morning I caught the main herd moving from feeding in a hay field to the willow bottoms of Ray's Lake.

The herd bulls were busy chasing off other bulls trying to steal cows.

The herd bulls were challenged by other large strong bulls with them sparring against each other.

After I found a small harem, the herd bull charged the sagebrush I was hiding behind.  I stopped the charge by standing up.

After he settled back down I watched him with several cows and announcing his talents.
He allowed several yearling bulls to hang around the herd.  This one is very odd with a spike on one side and three spikes coming off the other side.

After the matriarch of the herd started leading them away from my hiding spot, these three yearling bulls, a yearling cow and the herd bull decided to give me a parting glance.

The last two to vacate the area was a calf and a rag-horned bull with a willow branch tangled in his right antler.

A great way to spend a couple of mornings in the Wilds of Idaho.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Interesting. I am flying up to Idaho Falls for the weekend to visit my Dad. Maybe we could go check out the Elk.

Janie said...

Great p hotos of the elk in action. Glad the charging bull stopped when you stood up!
We've been hearing the elk bugle when we're in the mountains. We catch glimpses of them, but they never hang around for long.

Mary Cromer said...

I loved this and it made me miss the ones in Estes Park and the RMNP. We are not taking a vacation this year, it does not look like...