Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hiking the R Mountain

Our grandkids that live by us will be starting school on Wednesday and we have tended them every Monday during the summer.  So we asked them what they wanted to do yesterday and they picked climbing the rocks and hiking the "R" Mountain near Rexburg.  We had a great time.

As we started you could see the haze from all the wild fires in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  The air quality is very bad for those with breathing problems.

The trail to the top of the mountain goes through a sagebrush hillside.

These ancient volcanos are made from tuff rock and the weather has shaped many of the rocks on the edge.  We call this figure the "Watch Dog" as it overlooks the lower fields, rivers and sagebrush flats.

The kids love to play on the rock and to crawl over the boulders in other areas.

As we finished the hike, six Red-tailed hawks entertained us as they rode the warm air currents created by the sun striking the rocks. 

Just another day enjoying the wilds of Idaho.

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Mary Cromer said...

That looks like it would have been quite the fun day~