Sunday, May 24, 2015

Market Lake birds

Last Friday I slipped out to Market Lake for a few hours and saw 87 species of birds and got some good pictures of some of them.  Highlight were a Great Egret and several Black Terns.  I did not get good pictures of the Black terns, but at least you will be able to identify them.

On the way to Market Lake I stopped to see if the Burrowing owlets were out of the nest yet.  They were not, but the mother came over to check me out.

At Market Lake willets were on the edge of the ponds.

A cormorant was fishing in the deep water near the road.  It is funny that they often swim with most of their body under the water.

Western grebes have started nesting so the males and juvies are swimming around lonely.

Forester terns were all over the place - oops - I forgot to load a poor picture of the Black tern.

The Black-crowned Night-herons kept flying over the ponds and marshes.

The color-clashing Ruddy duck males were everywhere while their mates are probably nesting somewhere in the reeds.

And finally as I was leaving Market Lake a Great egret decided to say "hi" to me.  It was the first one of the season.

Just a few enjoyable hours spent in the wilds of Idaho.  Have a great week.


Jo said...

I've never even heard of Burrowing Owlets, Bill. So it's good to see one here. Your grebes and other water birds are great too. In East Africa the male and female grebe share nesting duties. Great post. Greetings Jo

Barb said...

Those owl photos are wonderful! You certainly saw a lot of water fowl, too. Market Lake seems like a great place to watch birds.

Janie said...

You saw an amazing number of birds in one trip. Great photos!