Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mule deer and Turkeys - Happy New Year

At a minus 15 degrees this New Years morning, it took me a little while to get rolling this morning.  But once it got above zero I was on my way to the wilds of Idaho.  After searching about 500 horned larks I finally found a Snow bunting, but it was shy and I did not get a good picture of it.  But in a draw I found nine mule deer with these two small bucks.

Then this Ring-necked pheasant was sitting in the sun with its feathers fluffed up, trying to keep warm.

This was a very interesting experience as 33 wild turkeys were moving from one feeding area to another one.  All the hens and young ones started working toward me so I waited and waited.

Soon the lead hen worked right next to me and was picking grass stems.

The four toms that followed about 200 yards behind the flock finally made it to me and began feeding on rose hips and dried leaves and buds.

Three of the toms had long beards that touched the snow when they were in the deep snow.

On the way home I saw this Trumpeter swan that had flown into a power line and broke its neck.  A home owner in the area said that 12 had been killed since Christmas along the Texas Slough since the cold weather had hit.

A bitter cold day enjoyed in the wilds of Idaho to celebrate the New Year.


Jo said...

What different birds and animals you have to ours here in East Africa. The colors of Ring-necked Pheasant stand out beautifully in the snow. Sad about the Trumpeter Swans dying because of power lines. Happy New Year to you and yours. Greetings Jo

Betsy Adams said...

Happy New Year. May 2015 bring you (and me) lots of joy, happiness and GOOD HEALTH.

Sorry about the Swan... Sad... But I love the photos of the pheasants.


TexWisGirl said...

beautiful sightings!