Sunday, October 6, 2013

Market Lake

Saturday I traveled to Market Lake to see if the cold night brought in some birds.  I was not disappointed.  About 20 American Avocets were working the shallows.
There were a mixed flock of about 50 sandpipers and dowitchers.  Here a Pectoral Sandpiper joins a couple of Long-billed Dowitchers.

I got a kick watching a Long-billed Dowitcher bathing.  It was hilarious.

A Northern Harrier attack a bunch of shorebirds and I caught this Long-billed flying low enough to drag a wing in the water.

Enjoying another day in the wildness of Idaho.  With a day off from teaching tomorrow, I will be back out somewhere - Probably Market Lake to see if I can find some different birds.


Monts said...

Great selection of birds Bill, we occasionally get Dowitchers and yellowlegs, and American Sandpipers over here in the Autumn.

Janie said...

your wild pictures are lovely, as always. Funny to see the long-billed dipping a wing and taking a bath.

troutbirder said...

How I'd love to see my first Avocet. Living in the only county in "The Land of 10,000 Lake" without a lake, and all the sloughs and marshes and puddles drained to produce ethanol (read corn) it no very likely....:(