Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Red-necked Grebes and Mountain Bluebirds

I have not posted for almost 10 months as I became frustrated with all the anon. comments and others stealing my photos.  So I have made a few changes as a lot of people have asked for me to resume.  So I will try another time.

I went fishing on Henrys Lake on Tuesday and had a good time except for the wind that was blowing  when I got there and then started again about 9 after a couple of hours fishing.  As I was coming off the water I saw a battle waging in the shallows.  It was two male Red-necked grebes competing from a female.  It was the first time I ever saw a Red-necked fly and also the first time for a battle.

Here is the winner of the female, showing off after chasing off his enemy.

This was the battle over the female.

Driving around the lake, I observed this mother Mountain Bluebird feeding her young.


eileeninmd said...

Glad to see you posting again. Sorry you had so many problem, especially the photo being stolen. Love your Grebe shots and the bluebird is sweet. Great shots!

Cloudia said...

Nice to see you again. Your shots are valuable and your property!


Monts said...

Hi Bill firstly really glad to see you back, I have missed reading your posts, sorry to hear you had problems with photo theft some people must be jealous they can't take decent images.
Anyway lovely images of the Red Necked Grebe and the Mountain Bluebird. Look forward to the next set.
GO get em.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Now do not get too unsettled by this statement...I just said to my husby not even 2 weeks ago..."I fear that my photo blogging friend Bill from Idaho, may have passed away" and then here you are;) Good grief Bill, long time no see. So good to hear from you and wow, you are beginning with some grand images!!! So how does one know if one is stealing images from our blogs...I wonder if anyone has ever used mine...even though I place a watermark, or sign most, I do not know how I would ever know if someone did. You are using word verification which I used for 3 years and then got smart and quit over a year ago. You still have the final word on whose comments are published and a friend just recently shared with me how to get rid of so much SPAM content too. Have a Happy, and so glad that you are still among the living~