Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

Back out of the mountains for a day.  Roughing it was cold, windy, wet and snowy.  Monday we woke up to eight inches of snow with more falling horizonally but we still had fun. 

My camera did not leave the truck, so all the animals we saw escaped without their picture taken.  By Tuesday some of the snow had melted, making for some beautiful contrasting pictures.

The leaves are still on some of the aspen, the brush is thick and the animals are still high.  On Tuesday fog rolled in and we traveled out in the desert where we saw three wolves that were about a half mile away feeding on a dead calf they had killed the night before.  Talked to the rancher and he said they had killed 15 or 20 calves this year.  With the snow he was moving his cattle out of the mountains. 

After a day at home, we will be back in the mountains tomorrow and Saturday for two more days in the Wilds of Idaho.  More snow is predicted on Friday and Saturday - more cold and wet feet.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I love seeing the snow on the trees.

Jann said...

We had our 2nd snow last night, 1-2" of it...Forecast for record cold temps this weekend! ARG! Anyway, how awesome to see wolves, except for the dead calf part.

Sunny said...

Beautiful pictures, you can keep the snow though.
Your new header is gorgeous.
Stay warm.
Sunny :)

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Woah - eight inches of snow already? I'll stop complaining about my flurries then !

Good pictures - thanks

Kelly said...

.....beautiful, beautiful! Being able to escape into the wilderness must be amazing--despite the fact you're freezing. Wow....8 inches of snow already. Amazingly, the weatherman is calling for snow flurries for us on Monday (and we sometimes get to wear shorts all the way up to Halloween--not this year!)

I looked at the previous posts. Everything is just gorgeous. Stumbling across the cabins would be so much fun. My mind would wonder what stories they could tell too...

Tammie Lee said...

winter slowly slides in to our days, for now we can call it autumn. my ponds are crusted over with ice this morning, first of the season. Sure love the colors in your photos with a sprinkling of snow.

Deborah said...

Beautiful photos! Difficult to believe the weather is so different from here in the desert. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words. My son is due to return from Iraq in December, provided his tour does not get extended. They were just out on a mission that went longer than planned, and Mommy gets nervous with 9 days of not hearing from him....back on the FOB for now, so I breathe.

Janie said...

I hope your feet weren't too cold. The woods look beautiful in the snow.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

George and I love to hike in winter.. Of course, we don't have winter here until about January!!!!!

I love snow---but it's too early for snow for us.

We're 'trying' to have some Fall here now. It's a little cooler --but we've had so much rain that I don't know when the trees will turn.. Strange Fall for sure --so far!

Euronics said...

your getting snow now? cold weather is here again..stay warm and healthy! nice photos Bill!

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